Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 in Photographs

After almost a year-long hiatus, I'm attempting to jump back on the blogging wagon. I've missed writing; I've missed the feeling of expressing myself through words. This blog was primarily a travel blog, highlighting my life-changing experience of living abroad in Germany. Once I returned, I attempted to write about sporadic trips in the States and out-and-abouts here in Indianapolis, but I failed at keeping it up. Since my last post in January, a lot has happened, and even though it's not all traveling, I'm excited to share my adventures once again.

To get back into the swing of things, I'm participating in a blogging challenge sponsored by the local marketing firm Smallbox, called #ThinkKit. This blogging project will provide a prompt every day of December and I'll write as much as I can!

Post 1: A Thousand Words.

Description: Nothing like a strict word count to kick off our month of blogging...just kidding! Share your year in photos.

2014 has been wonderful - beautiful in so many ways. It's been filled with many laughs, some tears, and numerous moments that have turned into warm memories. Going through my phone, I chose photos that represent my 2014. It began with a bang, and it's ending with hope and joy for 2015. And here's why:

Early 2014: We bought a house! 

After several years of apartment living, Derek and I were SO ready to settle down in a house so that we could turn it into a home. This photo was taken the day we got the keys to our bungalow built in the 1930's!

 As many of you may remember about early 2014, we welcomed the Polar Vortex, which turned off our power the second night in our new home. We camped out in a chilly 55 degrees with the kitties.

This photo is one that represents warmth to me. It's more than a cup of warm coffee and a snowy day. It was the beginning of our story of turning our house into a home.

We got the keys on New Year's Eve, so we popped some bubbly to celebrate. 

Over the past year, I've put my heart into this blank canvas. I plan to blog about all of our projects and house adventures in later blogs, but this photo says a lot. Paints and palettes and lots of tape. It's amazing how color can transform a place into a cozy space.

We (my handy husband) built our dining room table. We've hosted friends and families at this table - it's our place of gathering.

Spring 2014: I became an aunt!

 In May, we welcomed Johnathon Gene into this world, and our hearts melted. He's one loved, spoiled little man. And I'm one proud Aunt.

Summer 2014: Weddings & Travel!

In June, my best friend and college roommate tied the knot in Saint Louis. I was honored to be part of her big day.

In August, one of my best friends from high school also tied the knot. We had a great time celebrating her big day as well.

I had the opportunity to visit my twin sister in Denver in July, and while the guys did bachelor party things, Abby and I escaped to the mountains. It was a much needed "vacation."

Fall 2014: Twin Sister Gets Married!

Abby married Ryan on a beautiful fall day in September. As her MOH, I had the privilege of writing a speech, fluffing her dress and eating lots of cake. She's my other half and these photos make my heart smile.

Fall/ Winter 2014: We're Growing our Family!

Like I said at the beginning, this year began with finding the perfect house and starting the process of making it a home. And now as we move into 2015...we're thinking the best is yet to come.

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