Saturday, December 6, 2014

Aloha to Namaste

#ThinkKit prompt: What did you say goodbye to this year? Was it a bad habit? A '94 hatchback? Or something less tangible? How did you feel the day after? The week after?

Or! What did you say hello to this year? Did it enrich your life...or detract? A new favorite possession? A tattoo? Did you decide that your life was missing something, or did you just fall into new-ness? Share your aloha!

When I read this prompt, I instantly knew what I wanted to write about. Throughout my life, I've always enjoyed working out, but struggled to find an activity I was passionate about - especially to make it a life habit, not just a short-time fad. In August of 2013, I started training for the Monumental Marathon here in Indy, and I committed myself to finishing training and running the half-marathon without stopping, if possible. I finished the run with a tired smile on my face and can gladly check that off my bucket list of life accomplishments.

I thought that maybe I had developed a passion for running? No, not exactly. I do enjoy it, but not enough to make it a habit since training. I've also had gym memberships but never felt a connection to them. When I was in Germany, I practiced  Zumba with my German friend, Nadine. That was quite entertaining (to watch), but not something I wanted to continue here.

I've always loved yoga and practiced randomly throughout the years. Once we moved to Broad Ripple earlier this year, I was aching for a physical and mental commitment; I needed to belong to something that not only gave me a workout, but something that provided me with internal and external balance.

I decided it was time to say aloha to a real yoga commitment.

And not just any yoga. Hot yoga. A friend from work had been going to the Indy Yoga Studio and invited me to try a two week new student special. Throughout those first two weeks, I made myself set the alarm an hour early and roll out of bed for 6am Vinyasa. After experiencing the feeling of accomplishment and balance by 7 am each morning, I knew I had found it.

Sometimes Simba likes to practice with me.
I signed up for the unlimited class package and committed myself not only to the physical journey of yoga, but to learning how to have a more balanced life, for my body and mind. And the hot part of yoga only heightened the experience. The second month of my practice (March 2014), I committed to a 30 day challenge - 30 classes of yoga in 30 days with only two days of double ups.

I completed the challenge without hesitation and reaped the physical and mental benefits.

When I discovered I was pregnant in August, my doctor informed me I could still practice yoga regularly, but not hot yoga. I knew it was coming, but I must admit, it was hard when I first realized my routine and regular practice would be put on hold (obviously for all good reasons!)

And then I realized that just because I couldn't practice hot yoga, (and let's be real, early mornings in the first trimester wouldn't have been too likely) I can still practice a more pre-natal friendly version at home or another studio. So that's what I do. The cool thing about yoga (and most physical activities) is that you can take it anywhere. So my yoga practice is still very much intact and part of my day. My "aloha" to yoga is here to stay!

And after the doctor gives me the OK in the summer, I know exactly where I'll be.

Great resource for yoga at home: 

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